Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veterans Day, Mom!

The ability to teach our children to think entrepreneurially is in a great way dependant upon the way that we think as parents. We are inadvertent absorbers of the culture around us and if we do not have Biblical (entrepreneurial) conviction our thinking WILL go the way of culture.

This country was founded upon entrepreneurs, business men and producers. The liberty that existed at the time of the founding and pioneering of this country allowed the flourishing of such freedom and liberty minded thinking. But what has happened? Fast forward through the progression of a pluralistic society descending fast into socialism, we are now a nation of consumers rather than a nation of producers.
If we are not careful, I should say deliberate in our focus, we will teach our children the same socialist thinking that permeates our whole culture without realizing it.

For one such example, the honored vocation of homemaking. The socialist would look with pity on the poor woman at home not using her talents and worse still being a financial dead weight on society! However the Christian worldview values the role of motherhood in the nurturing and disciplining of her children and in doing so is actually being the ultimate producer! A wise and prudent homemaker multiplies herself many fold in the productivity of her home and ultimately in teaching her children to be producers and entrepreneurs themselves!

While society is dumbing down the education system and ultimately producing workers for the factories and service industries, our home school mothers are inspiring great thinkers and forming deep character. While society is allowing the media to do the thinking for us, mothers are teaching their children how to think Biblically. The huge explosion of restaurants over the last 25-30 years gives testimony to the absence of effective homemaking and the consumerism of eating out has taken precedence.

This isn't Mother's Day; it's Veteran's Day but I am inspired by all the many mothers who raised sons that had the courage to fight for what is right, the honor to protect women and children at home and the fortitude to face death for those beliefs ...and my own grandfather for being one of those men. Thank you moms of yesterday. May we present day mom's rise against the culture of self centered individualism to that high calling in the raising of Godly, Biblically thinking, character strong and entrepreneurial, productive children! There is no higher calling, nor any greater task!

"We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! "

Happy Veteran's Day.

Janet Langford