Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Great marmalade AND a natural antibiotic to boot!

Every year we make our favorite marmalade and hand it out as Christmas gifts "from our kitchen." This year however, I noticed a link that for some reason I had never clued into before. These two recipes may be prescriptive and preventative, one after the other. The first is a natural antibiotic, just in time for cold and flu season and the other a yummy fresh tasting spread to put on hot buttered toast after you have recovered as a maintenance and a delightful winter treat. They are made from some of the same ingredients and both work great.

The first is what I call my powerful natural antibiotic recipe and is made in a regular blender using organic citrus fruit. They really should be organic as regular oranges and lemons have a lot of chemicals and coloring agents in and on the skin. If you cannot find organic, soak and scrub regular oranges well using a fruit and vegetable cleaner and a scrubbing brush.

The honey should be raw, unfiltered for the antibacterial benefits. Cooked filtered and otherwise processed and altered honey is permanently runny and may be diluted with undesirable sugar or corn syrups, exactly what you do not want in a remedy for a sick person! Raw honey will be a thick liquid that will eventually turn in to a crystally solid and is great on hot buttered toast all by itself.

Perhaps not as important but preferred are organic onions as often store chain onions are treated with anti sprouting agents. (along with potatoes -but we don't use potatoes in this recipe)

So here it is.

2 whole organic oranges, skin pulp and all
1/2 - 1 whole organic grapefruit, same thing, the whole kit and caboodle
1 organic lemon- all of it.

blend with
1 cup raw honey
till smooth as possible.


1 or two large whole garlic cloves or more if you can tolerate it

add a half an organic onion.

Whiz till smooth. Pour into a glass jar with a lid and store in the fridge for easy and frequent use. Take 1 tablespoon every hour for the day and evening hours, drink plenty of pure water and expect a quick recovery-without the harmful, and cyclical damage of prescription antibiotics. Continue the next day if symptoms persist .

Although is sounds like quite an offensive combination it is not entirely unpalatable. If small children object add a little more honey and adjust to a little less onion. We have used this for many years and the first time I tried it on my four year old's ear infection, it cleared up over night!

Perhaps you might want to start with half the recipe to start and see how it works for your family.

AND for prevention in the dark of winter when we have overindulged on Christmas sweets enjoy a very yummy healthy marmalade. Try this one.
2 large organic oranges
1 cup of raw honey
whizzed in a blender till chunky or smooth and poured into glass jars and refrigerate till ready to spread onto hot buttered toast.

(This is the first in a series on natural remedies. Check back for more tried and true natural and healthy remedies for your family)

Hmm, I think I'll go check to see if there is any left in the fridge.

Happy New Years Day and we wish you a great, healthy, prosperous and successful year for you and your family.

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