Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Profits are better then wages! How to get out of the rat race.

For many of us getting out of the rat race is a daunting task. Taking that first step into risk, trusting that it is an educated risk seems to be equivalent in fortitude to the famous "First Step" phrase uttered by Neil Armstrong. "One small step for real estate investing, one giant leap for the Langford Family Wealth Equity Panic Plan. And yet, the worse case scenario is not making a fatal mistake on your first try but the Analysis Paralysis that paralyses you into not doing anything at all.

A solution? Join a mentor or mentoring group with a host of experts that can walk you though initial shaky spots, and be available to answer any questions that come up with those baby steps. The benefits of online mentoring are the extremely low cost that a real live mentor can offer along with the cumulative opinions of many experts that are all in on the same path in your field.

The way of the future is membership sites and they offer innumerable benefits to a newbie. One such membership site that we have recently signed up for is Real Estate renovator experts Steve and Jodi Falkner. They are a homeschool family who have renovated houses for a tidy profit for over 15 years. He now renovates full time and I believe he knows what he is doing. In just one year, he created over 300,000 in equity in real estate. He lost money on only one house, his first, and since then has seen a profit on all the rest. If you want to take a step to get moving forward and real estate is your desired goal, you will want to join this group of enterprising individuals that can be both advice and support to you in your new ventures. HowToRenovateHouses Check it out.

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